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        Product List
        GW5 Outdoor HV Disconnect Switch


        GW5 outdoor high voltage disconnect switch is used to make or break high voltage circuit in rated voltage 40.5kV, 72.5kV, or 126/145kV, AC 50/60Hz system. It is also used to open and close small capacitance and inductive current. This series disconnect switch accord with standards: IEC 62271-103 :High Voltages Switches, GB1985 AC High voltage disconnect switch and earthing switch,IEC60129 AC disconnect switch and earthing switch and GB/T11022 Common technical requirements of HV switchgear and control equipment

        Ambient c ondition

        1. Altitude: ≤ 1000m;
        2. Ambient temperature:-25℃ ~ +40℃ ;
        3. Wind speed: ≤ 35m/s;
        4. Pollution degree: ≤ III;
        5. Earthquake intensity: ≤ 8 grade;
        6. Ice thickness: ≤ 10mm.

        Structure feature

        1. Adopt roll bearing to keep flexible driving.
        2. Adopt umbrella-gear wheel mechanism to ensure O/C operating continuously.
        3.There is a direction-limited device to ensure the contact under good direction,at the same time,the handcraft was fastened after operating to ensure the security performance.
        4.Contact distance is large enough.
        5.There are three type earth method,without earth,single earth, double earth.


        Technical specification

        Structure feature

        There are two supporting insulators fixed up on the pedestals respectively with the 50° inclination, and the main components include pedestals, supporting insulators, connection seat, contacts earthing blades, earthing fixed contact and so on. There are three kinds of disconnect switch: without earthing, singleearthing and double-earthing. It is provided with mechanism linkage between principal axis and earthing blades and assistant switch, operating can be achieved by manual and motor.

        Outline and installation size