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        Product List
        FK(R)N12-12D Indoor Load Break Switch-Fuse Combination Apparatus
        FKN12-12D series air-blast Ioad break switch and FKRN12-12D series air-blast load break switch-fuse combination apparatus are new series switchgear applies to three-phase electric distribution system of rated 12kV, acting as protecting and control apparatus for transformers, cable and overhead wiring. These series are especially applicable in rural, urban terminal substation and prefabricated substations, as well as ring network power supply. FKN12-12D can break and make Ioad current and over-current. FKRN12-12D can break and make over-current load current and short-circuit current(Iimited current fuse). This product is featured with impact structure aesthetic appearance. reliable interlock and high insulating level. In the spring storage operation mechanism, ON/OFF speed is free from the influence of the manpower. For the arc-extinguish, electric arc-extinguish inside the insulating cover, the free gas occurs at sparking do not cause descend of insulating level between phases and phase to earth. The insulation cover clapboard separates electrified part thus boost protection grade of ring main unit. The copper-tungsten contact and main contact brings along reliable conductivity and long life. This product achieves sound fame due to easy maintenance and operation as well as reliable performance. It is in compliance with IEC62271-105.
        Ambient conditions
        1. Altitude: ≤1000m;
        2. Ambient temperature: -25%~+40℃;
        3. Relative humidity: daily average≤95%, monthly average≤90%;
        4. Eadhquake intensity: ≤8 degree;
        5. Pollution degree: Ⅱ;
        6. Applicable occasions should be free from inflammables, explosives, corrosives and severe vibration.

        Technical specification
        No. Item Unit FZN12-12D FKRN12-12D(HRC fuse)
        1 Rated voltage kV 12 12
        2 Rated power frequency Hz 50/60 50/60
        3 Rated currenl A 630 125
        4 1 min PF withstand voltage(phase to eadh,phase to phase) kV 42 42
        5 1 min PF withstand Voltage(across open contacts) kV 48 48
        6 Lightning impulse withstand voltage(phase to each, phase to phase) kV 75 75
        7 Lightning impulse withstand voItage(across open contacts) kV 85 85
        8 Rated short-time withstand current(thermal steadily)-LBS kA 20
        9 Rated short-time withstand current(thermal steadily)-earthing switch kA 20
        10 Rated short-circuit duration(thermal steadily time)-LBS s 4
        11 Rated short-circuit duration(thermal steadily time)-earthing switch s 2
        12 Rated short-circuit making current(peak) kA 50
        13 Rated breaking current active load breaking current A 630
        14 Rated breaking current loop breaking current A 630
        15 5% of rated active load breaking current A 31.5
        16 Rated breaking current cable charging current A 10
        17 Rated breaking current no-load transformer capacity kVA 1250
        18 Rated short-circuit breaking current(fuse) kA 31.5
        19 Rated transfer current A 1200
        20 Mechanical life Times 2000 2000

        Mechanical performance
        No. Item Unit Data
        1 Distance of open contacts mm ≥175
        2 Central distance of poles mm 210±2
        3 Air clearance of poles mm ≥125
        4 Travel mm 210±4
        5 Over-travel mm ≥40
        6 Three pole making asynchronous ms ≤10
        7 Three pole breaking asynchronous ms ≤5
        8 Release tripper breaking time ms 40~65
        9 Main circuit resistance μΩ ≤130

        Outline dimension

        A H C D E F K J L M N P R S T U V W Z Weight
        FKN12-12D 390 880 600 210 648 270 67 50 155 287 171 368 11 337 170 94 105 868 180 70kg