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        Product List
        GW□-12/24/40.5 Outdoor HV Disconnect Switch
        GW□-12(24/40.5)/630-20(25) outdoor AC high voltage disconnect switch(disconnect switch for short) is used to open and close circuit with voltage but no-load 50/60Hz, 12(24)(40.5)kV power system, The antipollution type can be used in the serious pollution area. It has advantages of three pole linkage and good synchronous performance.It accords with standards of IEC 62271-103:High Voltage Switches.
        Ambient conditions
        1. Altitude:≤3000m ;
        2. Ambient temperature: -30 ℃~+40℃ ;
        3. Wind speed:≤35m/s;
        4. Air pollution: IV;
        5. Earthquake intensity:≤8 grade;
        6. Ice thickness:≤10mm.

        Technical specification
        No. Item Unit Data
        1 Rated voltage kV 12,24,40.5
        2 Rated current A 630,1250
        3 Rated power frequency Hz 50/60
        4 Rated peak withstand current kA 50,63
        5 Rated short-time withstand current kA 20,25
        6 Rated short-time withstand current duration s 4
        7 Main circuit resistance μΩ 12kV≤90 4kV≤100 40.5kV≤100
        8 1min(dry) power frequency withstand voltage 42/48 55/75 95/115
        9 1min(wet)power frequency withstand voltage phase to phase phase
        to earth across open
        kV 30 50 85
        10 Lightning impulse withsthand voltage (peak) 75/85 85/145 185/215
        11 Mechanical life Times 2000

        This disconnect switch consists of frame, operating insulator, static contact, blade, linkage spring mechanism, etc. Frame: 5mm thickness bended armor ptate, there are holes on the frame to fixed post insulator. Post and operating insulator: adopt ZS 12,24,40.5 series outdoor clubbed post insulator. The mini resist bend load is 4000N. Static contactor: it is made of violet copperplate and fixed on post insulator. Blade: it is made of rectangular violet copperplate, there is a press-spring to adjust press. The switch can be vertically or horizontally installed in outdoor with CS□ mechanism.
        Main function features
        Model Outline Dimension (mm)
        B C D E F
        GW-12/630-20 400 1000 1200 565 510
        GW-24/630-20 420 1040 1250 610 540
        GW-40.5/630-20 500 1250 1450 815 728