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        Product List
        ZW□YF1-12 Outdoor Vacuum Prepayment and
        ZW□YF1-12 Outdoor Vacuum Prepayment and anti-power-theft Device is used to make and break load current, overload current and short-circuit current in the power system with rated voltage 12kV or below, three-phase AC 50/60Hz . The product is composed of a ZW8-12 type vacuum circuit breaker and a prepayment electricity selling management terminal controller. Equipped with the high precision CT and PT in the vacuum switch three-phase, SADC and box, it can realize three-phase current and voltage accurate metering through the combination with the controller. The control system and the switch body are closely linked and both indispensable. When the linkage between the switch body and controller is separated, the switch will automatically open and lock, and manual closing will fail (if GPRS and CDMA wireless backstage functions are selected). It will automatically feedback such information to management terminal to alarm. The device has anti electricity theft function, three-section protection function, metering function, prepayment function, auxiliary function, fault record and query function, remote communication fuction, ring network operation function and nearest remote control function. HX-3000G electricity prepayment control device is for the electricity metering in 10kV line. It has the functions of prepayment metering control, anti electricity theft, transformer protection, and load control. And it has the advantages of high accurate metering, low cost, convenient installation and stable and reliable operatin. The high voltage prepayment metering control system is composed of electronic type electric energy meter, the intelligent IC card controller, combined voltage and current transformers with power supply, vacuum circuit breaker for 10kV and master station software.
        Main function features
        1. The device is an integral structure. It can realize the electric energy metering and prepayment control;
        2. Effectively preventing electricity stealing: the device measures electric power comsumption no matter the electric energy meter runs forward or backware.
        3. Intelligent IC card: anti-magnetic, anti-static, unable to crack after encryption;
        4. The power supply company holds the high management right for the intelligent IC card;
        5. Each set of eqiment is provided with a special power perchase card which is treated by the advanced encryption measures which can effectively prevent copying IC card from stealling electricity;
        6. The display device can show dump energy, purchasing power, overdrawing power, pulse constant, PT and CT ratio and illegal carding numbers, etc. It has the function of turning display.The power error rate can be up to 0.01 degrees;
        7. The device can be set with an alarm power, once the dump power is less than the alarm one, the device will make the sound and light alarm to remind the users to purchase power timely. During the night rest hours, the bell alarm can be turned off, only leave the indicator light alarm on duty so as not to affect the rest;
        8. The device can reliably break the load current of less than 1000A when the users’dump power is shown as zero;
        9. The cabinet adopts closed architecture which can effectively prevent power stealing and raining,
        10. The device can realize IC card charging, GPRS remote charging and built-in GPRS communication terminalcontrol management.
        Outline and installation dimension